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Apple – 5G iPhone 12 Series launch delayed this year

Apple - 5G iPhone 12 Series launch delayed this year
Apple – 5G iPhone 12 Series launch delayed this year

According to the current situation, Apple will face quite difficult problems to launch the 5G iPhone 12 Series in September. Although Apple chose this month to put its new iPhones on sale, to accomplish the crisis caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The giant chip maker, Qualcomm, and the renowned YouTuber, Jon Prosser predicted late commercialization of the new batch of devices from the house of Cupertino.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro expected arrival

Apple - 5G iPhone 12 Series launch delayed this year
Apple – 5G iPhone 12 Series launch delayed this year

In a tweet, Prosser predicts the arrival of the 5G iPhone 12 Series (iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro) in October, although he does not specify whether Apple will launch their device or also their presentation.

While on past events, the tech giant Apple chose to hold the annual event in September even though the sale of specific devices like the iPhone X or iPhone XR, for example, would take place later than usual.

Moreover, the YouTuber also points out that the new iPads would also see the light in this time frame. Additionally, and perhaps more revealing, is what the giant chip maker Qualcomm has contributed.

The San Diego company, Qualcomm, will provide this year for the first time the 5G modems that will be integrated into the iPhone 12, one of the star features that these new models are expected to implement.

CFO of Qualcomm, Akash Palkhiwala, in an interview told that in the framework of the presentation of its quarterly results, alluded to this situation.

“We are seeing a partial impact due to the delay in launching a flagship,” Akash Palkhiwala explained. And he also assured that it would shift the expected units for the period ending in September until the next quarter.

Although there is no direct mention of Apple or the iPhone 12, but, it seems clear that this is a recommendation to them.

In the deficiency of comprehending when the presentation of the iPhone 12 will take place, the symmetry is increasingly leaned towards the late commercialization in 2020.

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