Apple’s new AirTags offers a secret menu

Apple's new AirTags offers a secret menu

Apple’s new AirTags offers a secret menu

Apple has launched its new tracking device “AirTag”, despite having been temporarily withdrawn from sale in Australia, this tracking device seems to be having great success in just a few days.

Apple always includes some shocking and exciting features and quality to its devices, thus this device comes as a surprise addition.

However, the tracking device is a very small device, and it is designed to be attached to items such as keys and wallets.

The tracking device, generally allows the accessories to be tracked using Bluetooth. Along with that one can also track with Apple devices in the Find My app, which reveals the back-end data used by the service.

These small tracking locators enable us to discover anything and in any place, this all is possible because of the large network of iPhones and Apple devices.

As we said above that the AirTags comes as a surprise addition. The new tracking device has a secret developer menu. And this menu might not be visible to the end-user, but it has been discovered by luck.

How to open the secret menu

However, to open this menu, users have to follow the steps that are mentioned below

  • Initially open Find My App and then choose one of your AirTag.
  • After that, click its name in the upper left corner five times.
  • After doing this, just by clicking like a Dorothy pulls her heels together, users will directly go to the comforting world of, well, sliders and data.

However, it’s not yet clear that what kind of information it reveals, but we can give you an idea like it gives knowledge regarding device ringtone and many more.

The revelation of the AirTags menu

The secret menu is totally an accidental holdover from Apple’s development process, along with all kind of information that is allegedly leftover from an early beta version of the Find My app.

The secret menu has all surprising features, but it also has one drawback that is the buttons and controls are still unnamed, so it’s quite difficult to guess that what they actually do.

This menu is a total surprise, as it was discovered accidentally. However, the menu is still unnamed and as per news, Apple will not name it as it was launched.

The secret menu has more undiscovered features and options that will get discovered eventually. Apart from all this the most interesting part of this AirTag is that Apple has put built-in speakers, that will play a sound to find a lost AirTag in the house.

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