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What Does Error Code 0xe800002d Mean & How To Fix It?

iTunes is a useful tool that is basically used by owners of iOS devices simply to link the purchases, sync, backup, update, restores firmware, and other necessary functions as well as. Basically, iTunes simply helps users in many ways, but it is not always pleasing with the ideal job. In short, failures are just a

Fix iPod Is Disabled Connect To iTunes Issue

iPod is disabled connect to iTunes, it is a really frustrating error, and no one ever wants that. But somehow, if your iPod is disabled, then don’t worry, as we will help you with this. First of all, if you don’t know, then let me clarify that there are many ways with which you can

Fix The Grey Dotted Circle In iTunes Problem

Do you use the tech giant Apple’s music streaming service, then it is possible that at some point you might have encountered a grey song in iTunes or in the Apple Music app. However, now let’s talk about the grey dotted circle in iTunes, basically, the songs can have that grey color for several reasons.