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Apple Removed Fortnite From Its App Store

Apple Removed Fortnite From Its App Store
Apple Removed Fortnite From Its App Store

Recently, Epic Games has announced a direct payment system for Fortnite on both mobile platforms, iOS, and Android. But, the tech giant Apple didn’t take too much time to remove the Fortnite from the App Store.

It’s not surprising, as the method applied by Epic was breaking the rules of the App Store.

Soon after this conflict, another conflict has just commenced between both companies, thus they are protecting their economic affairs.

That’s why the tech giant Apple wants to explain the specific reasons behind its big decision. We know that Epic Games took an unpropitious step by breaking the App Store guidelines that apply to all developers.

These guidelines are intended to keep the store safe and secure for every user. As a result, the Fortnite app has been extracted from the store. The main reason was that Epic allowed a feature in their app that was not examined or approved by Apple.

Apple Removed Fortnite

Apple kept nothing bad against the practiced employed by Fortnite. Epic Games break the App Store’s guidelines concerning in-app payments applied to developers who trade digital goods or services.

Remember that the battle royale, beginning today, started allowing the purchase of turkeys via Epic payment method. The reason behind this step is that they want to avoid the 30% commission of the store.

Well, Epic has had apps on the App Store for many years. It has profited from the App Store ecosystem; well, this ecosystem includes tools, testing, and the administration that Apple grants to all developers.

Epic accepted each term of the App Store, and we are glad that it has built a stable business on the App Store.

These business affairs now lead to start a particular method, but it doesn’t change the fact that these guidelines build a level process for developers.  And, thus Apple confirmed that the store is safe and secure for all users.

What will happen?

Apple said they are suffering a conflict that will intensify in the coming days, still, Apple are ready to collude with Epic Games to settle the debate.

Apple stated that “We will do everything probable to work with Epic to resolve these conflicts and Fortnite may restore to the App Store.” However, one of them will have to give in, and it seems that Apple will not do so.

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