iOS 14 update lets users turn the Apple logo on the back into a virtual button

iOS 14 update lets users turn the Apple logo on the back into a virtual button

iOS 14 update lets users turn the Apple logo on the back into a virtual button

Here’s good news for all the iOS users, those who are using iPhone can now use their iPhone back logo as a virtual button. Recently the Apple has published this news regarding this “Back Tap” feature on their forum.

Now users can easily convert there the Apple logo which is present on the back of their phone into a virtual button. It’s not a real button, but it’s a virtual one that is super cool and handy to use.

The back tap feature is one of the most amazing features of iOS up to now, through this feature users can easily complete their preferable task and can also issue different commands.

However, all this can be done in iOS 14, as this feature is available in iOS 14. Another interesting yet very important point is that users can easily create back taps for both double and triple taps.

Commands that can be performed through ‘Back Tap’

Back Tap is quite handy to perform each and every task, as per the news there are a few commands or we can say some actions that can be easily performed with the help of the Back Tap feature.

We have listed out the commands below:-

  • lock screen
  • Spotlight
  • screenshot
  • app switcher
  • volume down
  • volume up
  • Spotlight
  • classic invert
  • assistive touch
  • smart invert
  • voice-over
  • magnifier
  • speak screen
  • scroll down
  • scroll up
  • Zoom

Steps to enable the “Back Tap” feature

To allow the feature, users need to perform a few simple steps so that they can easily use the Bac Tap on their iPhone.

  • Initially go to the setting section of your iPhone
  • After that select the accessibility option that is present down below
  • And now you can select the BackTap option

Assistive Touch feature

Along with the Back Tap feature, Apple has released another interesting feature that is the “AssistiveTouch feature”. However, the most interesting part of this feature is that it can easily be moved around on the display with the help of a finger.

The main function of this feature is that it enables the users to carry out the signals that are being assigned to it. Moreover, this feature has functions pinching or multi-finger swipes along with a single finger, and it also provides very quick access to several functions.

Steps to enable the “Assistive Touch” feature

  • Initailly go to the etting section
  • After that select the accessibility option
  • Now here the users will get two option so select either Assistive Touch or toggle the feature on

In the Assistive Touch feature, users will also get a command, that is users can give direct commands to Siri to allow the Assistive Touch. However, both the feature are available with the Apple iOS 14.5 update, but this update has some new rules and regulations that are needed to be followed.

According to the news, Apple stated that any apps that want to show their ads needs to get the consent of the user. Now apps have to show the users that in what way they are accumulating the data and in what way they are using the collected data.

All this has to be performed by each and every app of MAC, iPad, iPhone, Watch, as the privacy has been doubled up by Apple, thus these steps are compulsory for all apps.

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