iPhone 7 Plus is Waterproof or Not? (Solved)

Today here in this article we will discuss about the iPhone 7 Plus, yes, here we will talk about the waterproof ability of the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 Plus is waterproof? If you don’t know the answer, then you are in the right place.

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iPhone 7 Plus is Waterproof or Not? (Solved)

iPhone 7 Plus is Waterproof or not? (Solved)

iPhone 7 Plus is Waterproof or not? (Solved)

First of all, I will start with the packaging, as soon as you open the box, first, you will get the new iPhone, which is not very different from past packaging, but the only difference you will notice is the iPhone printed on the top of the box. Here the first thing you will see is the manuals and some Apple pamphlet papers; after that, you will get a USB adapter to charge the phone, the headphones, and then the lightning cable to charge your iPhone 7 Plus.

While the contribution of other headphones simply comes with a small adapter that is the one that you are going to use to be able to use the headphones on the iPhone 7 Plus, as you already know that the new iPhones do not come with the 3.5mm headphone jack.

However, now, if I compare the iPhone 6 Plus with the iPhone 7 Plus, then you can easily see that there is not much difference, as the only thing is different is the camera, which is more significant because it has two cameras.

Moreover, now, if we talk about the design, then let me clarify that maintaining the usual difference in terms of size with respect to the standard version, the iPhone 7 Plus is still ‘the big one,’ but now it is thinner and lighter. Its body has been redesigned to offer water resistance according to IP67 certification so that it can be submerged up to one meter deep underwater, and for a maximum of half an hour, thanks to the new sealing system inside its body.

While at the bottom, there is now no headphone jack, as we told earlier. But instead, it now uses the Lightning cable connector. In the product box, as announced by the tech giant Apple itself, we will have compatible headphones with 3.5mm minijack connector, an adapter for Apple’s own connection that’s it.

But, even with the same 5.5-inch diagonal of the previous generation, a 25% brighter screen has been introduced with the iPhone 7 Plus with the Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. And just below the screen, you will get the ‘Home’ button, but it has been renewed to introduce the ‘haptic engine’ that allows the vibration responses in certain functions, just like 3D Touch technology present on the screen, which has also been maintained.

Apart from all these things, now let’s talk about the main topic, yes, iPhone 7 Plus is waterproof? So let’s see if it is true or not.

iPhone 7 Plus is waterproof? Yes or No?

iPhone 7 Plus is Waterproof or not? (Solved)

iPhone 7 Plus is Waterproof or not? (Solved)

First of all, let me tell you guys that if you are visiting this article then undoubtedly it can be mainly for two reasons, the first one is, you are a forecaster who wants to know if the iPhone 7 Plus can fully resist liquids or waterproof. And the second one is you might have put your iPhone 7 Plus at risk.

However, the fact is that we can certainly say yes, the iPhone 7 Plus is a phone that is resistant to water and all liquids in general, and not only that even also to other external agents as well that can put your smartphone’s life at risk.

But with some problems and exceptions, the data that you should know to avoid making mistakes by causing a catastrophic situation on your iPhone 7 Plus and its elder brother the iPhone 7 are IP67 certified, which makes them resistant to accidents related to liquids.

Does this mean that you can turn your smartphone into a Go Pro and dive with it? The exact and perfect answer is “No.” It just means that you are prepared to save yourself from a momentary and punctual accident.

iPhone 7 Plus Warranty does not cover any liquid damage

iPhone 7 Plus is Waterproof or not? (Solved)

iPhone 7 Plus is Waterproof or not? (Solved)

The heading may disappoint you, but, the fact is that it is 100% true. Hence, it is an important issue that we must take into account when wetting iPhone 7 Plus. As the tech giant Apple does not cover in its warranty the damages caused by possible leaks of water or other liquids that impair the operation of the iPhone 7 Plus. So, if you bathe it, then you are playing a lottery from which nothing good can come out. So, if you still want to proceed with this, then simply you have to do it at your own risk.

Though we told earlier that it comes with IP67 certification, which guarantees splash resistance, and it is important to emphasize “splashes.” Because it is not the same as long, you are syncing your iPhone 7 Plus. Hence, the statistic of this certification ensures a resistance that 30 minutes at depths of 1.5 meters.

Which is perfect to save iPhone 7 Plus from an accidental or unexpected fall on the pool. If your smartphone ends up breaking after the bath, then the tech giant Apple will always claim that you have been able to submerge it to depths greater than those recommended or exposed for longer than allowed and as this is something that we cannot demonstrate, we will lose our iPhone 7 Plus and our money.

Hence, do not believe that this is something exclusive to Apple. As the well-known South Korean giant Samsung and all major manufacturers also do not cover in their guarantees; as here the problems arising from liquid damage. Hence, if you are one of those who are looking to use their smartphone for their underwater rides, then beware of what we explained here.


As we told that the iPhone 7 Plus is water-resistant. But still, you have to avoid by all means the prolonged exposure to the corrosive agent like the water. However, if somehow you met an accident like this, then quickly dry your iPhone. Why? Actually this procedure will help you to extract the accumulated water from its interior.

After that, simply place your iPhone 7 Plus in a tightly sealed pot with rice. However, it is not necessary to bury it completely, as you have to only cover those parts that may contain liquid. As the rice will simply consume and remove the moisture. And apart from all these things, the most interesting thing is that never you should try to turn on a wet smartphone, or charge it.

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