Does iPhone 12 include App Lock and call record features?

Does iPhone 12 include App Lock and call record features?

Does iPhone 12 include App Lock and call record features?

We all know that Apple is one of the most renowned and well-famous American multinational technology companies. Apple always deals with great and effective devices, it has millions of users all over the world.

The most interesting part is that Apple launches new models of its iPhone series every year. The model that was last launched by Apple is iPhone 12. However, Apple has an iOS operating system that makes the devices more unique.

Every summer Apple reinvents its operating system by adding super cool features and specifications. Apple always prefers to have its own specific built-in features, as they want to give their users the best experience.

iPhone 12

Does iPhone 12 include App Lock and call record features?

Does iPhone 12 include App Lock and call record features?

iPhone 12 and along with it the iPhone 12 mini are designed by Apple Inc. These models come under the fourth generation of the iPhone, and after iPhone 11 the iPhone 12 models come with the lowest price.

However, the iPhone 12 series are the first models that are launched without EarPods or a wall adapter. Apart from all these, Apple stated that they launched many new and amazing features in iPhone 12, such as the iPhone 12 series enable accessories like cases and charging cords as those are attached to the rear of the device.

The main motive of launching the iPhone is to replace iPhone 11, thus Apple has announced four new models in the iPhone 12 series which are iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone Pro Max.

However, each and every model of the iPhone 12 series differ from each other on the basis of screen size, materials used, battery, and camera potential.

The most exciting and attractive news of iPhone 12 is that recently in 2021 at the Spring Loaded event, Apple has launched a new purple colour for the iPhone 12 series. The new iPhone 12 series is the best among all the iPhone as it comes up with various amazing features and updates, that generally attracts the users.

Apart from all its features iPhone 12 implements great performance, and if the users are looking for great camera features then this is a good choice as iPhone 12 gives amazing photographic shots.

According to the Apple, iPhone 12 is one of their pro models, and it gives an amazing experience of each and every feature, thus this model is worth buying.

Does iPhone 12 include App Lock and call record features?

As we talked about iPhone 12, now many users out there have the question, that says does iPhone 12 include App Lock and call record features?

App Lock Feature

Does iPhone 12 include App Lock and call record features?

Does iPhone 12 include App Lock and call record features?

Initially, we talked about the features of the iPhone 12 and those are super cool and handy to use. But as per the question, any specific App Lock feature is not available on iPhone 12. So, whatever, the feature it offers to lock or limit the use of apps is quite limited.

Apple always has its own security mechanism and that’s why iOS doesn’t have a system-level hold up for locking apps individually. However, the ability to lock apps in iOS is very limited in the source. If anyone wants to lock their apps, well in that case there are some workarounds that will surely help the users to create such an impact.

There are some following steps that will help the users get the experience of the app lock feature in iOS. Thus the users need to follow the few steps given below to get the same impact like app lock features:-

  • Initially go to the setting section.
  • Now go to the screen time tab option, here you have to enable the option, and then move to the content and privacy restriction section.
  • After doing that click on the allowed apps option and simply turn off the toggles for all other apps that you don’t want to use.
  • Lastly, go to the home screen so that you can save the setting.

Apart from this, there is another method through which you can lock your apps on any model of iPhone, thus simply follow the guide that is given below:

  • At first, go to the settings app and then move to the general section.
  • After that simply click the accessibility tab, and here you have to go to the guided access option.
  • Now strike the guided access toggle switch to a proper position.
  • Go to the passcode setting and simply set the guided access passcode.
  • Give a new passcode as per your choice and confirm it.

Call Record Feature

Does iPhone 12 include App Lock and call record features?

Does iPhone 12 include App Lock and call record features?

In that question, the users have also asked about the call record feature. The straight answer to this question is that “NO” Apple iPhone 12 does not have the call record features.

However, many people don’t require or need a call recorded, and more importantly, it is not legal in some places too. That’s why Apple has not added the call record feature in its operating system.

But people face a situation where they have to record the call such as if you’re interviewing over the phone, or if you are having any legal permission to record.

In case the iPhone users who want to record either outgoing or incoming call, they have to count oh any call recording application. However, users will get a different kind of call recording apps on Play Store, but the best among all the apps is Google Voice and this app is free.

The most important point regarding the Google Voice app is that it only records incoming calls, so those who want to record the outgoing call can go for other call recording app that is easily available on the Play store.

As we said above that Apple always wants to give the best experience for its users, and thus it only has the top-notch features that enhance the performance of its model.

iPhone 12 is one of the best-worth buying models of Apple, and it has all the best features in it and all that features make it attractive.

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