Apple Releases iOS 14 Beta 3 – New Changes

Apple Releases iOS 14 Beta 3 - New Changes

Apple Releases iOS 14 Beta 3 – New Changes

Recently, the tech giant Apple released the third beta of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, it is an important update that improves the development of the new OS of the iPhone and the iPad.

Here, the goal of Apple is to have the system fully prepared and bug-free for launch this fall. In each beta, the tech giant Apple introduces small improvements and changes to approximate the final version.

In beta 3 version, which corresponds with the public beta 2 more than 25 changes were made in the system. According to the reports, some changes are small, and others are quite significant.

Changes made in iOS 14 Beta 3

Among all the changes the most relevant changes in iOS 3 beta 3 are mentioned below, and here’s the list the complete list of new features:-

  • The new Music icon now has a red background with a white music note.
  • The music widget also has a new red background.
  • In the Music app, the Library view has new icons.
  • Now you can share Apple Music songs, albums, and playlists on Snapchat Stories directly from the Music app.
  • If you close the Music app, it will return to the same place when you reopen it.
  • The Clock app now has a widget that was missing in the first two beta versions.
  • Now you will get a popup window while starting widget editor for the first time.
  • You will get a popup window while editing the home screen.
  • You will get a new popup window while accessing the App Library for the first time.
  • Edit button in the widget area on the left of the home screen.
  • The flag icon is now blue instead of orange.
  • New default shortcuts, Take a break, Shazam, Send the last image, Create a QR code, and the great Music Quiz.
  • New option to remember to wash your hands when you get home in the Health app.
  • The Health app shows the quantity of hand washes and not just the time.
  • As you edit the home screen, the widgets move now.
  • This update now supports translation on the device itself.
  • Screen Time widgets have been redesigned.
  • The points indicated by the pages are now closer to the dock.
  • You can now access the context menus for an app icon from the list view in the Application Library.
  • More details in the mask in the Memoji.
  • Screen zoom is now available on 5.8-inch iPhone.
  • 3D Touch is removed temporarily.
  • Apple fixed a bug that caused the data in the Other section to grow without reason.
  • New doorbell and camera icon in the Home app.
  • The Smart Stack widget now has a new larger size.
  • The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and SE 2020 already have support for “Touchback.”

These are the changes that the tech giant Apple has made in the beta 3 version of iOS 14. But, within two weeks it is expected that the tech giant Apple will release the beta 4 of iOS 14 with more prominent changes and features.

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