Apple Designed a Top-Secret Spy iPod For The US Government

Apple Designed a Top-Secret Spy iPod For The US Government

Apple Designed a Top-Secret Spy iPod For The US Government

Recently, the former Apple software developer, David Shayer stated that the tech giant Apple worked with the US government. It said that they worked on a “secret modified iPod,” a top-secret Spy iPod for surveillance.

The director of iPod software in 2005 asked him to help two engineers, to develop a secret spy iPod at the US Department of Energy.

Well, the engineers were also hired by Bechtel, the principal of US defense contractor.  And at that time, only four people knew about the project, but now none of them work for the company.

Well, to prove the existence of this project, no documentary evidence is available. All the communications were performed personally.

While the new version of the Spy iPod was looking like a regular Apple iPod. But it works in such a manner that the additional data written to the device’s hard disk could not be found.

Here, the role of Scheyer is to assist the developers at the tech giant Apple.  The contractors were also given an office at the headquarter of Apple. And they did training for months on how to operate and make changes to the operating system of the iPod.

In this project, the iPod that was selected to modify was a fifth-generation iPod. Now many of you might be thinking that why the fifth-generation iPod was chosen?

Developers have chosen the fifth-generation iPod due to its easy-to-open housing and large 60GB hard drive. And it was the last iPod whose OS did not get the approval of Apple, making it simple to modify the OS.

A device like this would be extremely beneficial in covert or Spy operations to collect secret evidence and information; in short, the US government simply wants a spy iPod, through which they can spy on other secret agencies.

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